Rush Hour Camel Ride


Today we spent a glorious afternoon today with our new friend Meena, traveling by auto rickshaw through the streets of Ahmedabad and looking at astonishing textiles: silks, rich, saturated cottons, scarves and clothing and housewares (including the most beautiful pillows and pillowcases I think we’ve ever seen) when lo and behold, we came upon a camel pulling a small cart. Meena asked if Fiona could get a ride, and next thing we knew, they were both tying up traffic. The camel didn’t seem to mind in the least.


monkey A few minutes further down the heavily trafficked road we saw a family of monkeys pigging out on butter cookies: at least one was a baby, and there were quite a few who were not so much smaller than us. A few of them were kind enough to pause to let us to take their pictures. Turns out they’re ridiculously good at stuffing multiple cookies in their mouths at the same time. Who knew?


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  1. We’ve still got to tick off an elephant ride from your list!
    Working on it ;-)

    Also of interest to some of your readers might be the Camel Cart Astronomy Exhibition designed by one of my former students from NID.