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Candy Packaging No. 7


(Please Note: this isn’t really candy, but I couldn’t resist.)

“What kind of Fop do you want?” the Lady asked her Baby.

“YUNNAN FOP!” said the Baby.

“What about you, honey?” the Lady asked her other Baby.

“HARMUTTY SFTGFOP1!” said the other Baby.

This could either be a Singaporean person trying to spell Earl Grey, or some kind of specialty tea of Singapore. Or maybe it was just a typo?

Candy Packaging No. 6


Freddy, the spokesperson for the Twinkie-like product called Breddy, was sitting in his supervisor’s office with his co-spokesperson, Ms. Deddy, when he got some terrible news.

“I’m going to have to let you both go,” said Mr. Breddy, who was the founder of the company. “You’re being replaced by someone named Ms. Heady.”

Candy Packaging No. 5


“Hey, Harper!” hollered Leon.”Do you want a piece of my ‘Bub-up’ gum?”

“No thanks,” replied Harper. “I prefer ‘Bub-down’ gum.”

Candy Packaging No. 4


Tomato CANDY?

Candy Packaging No. 3


Hmmmmmmm… cupcake flavored? Cupcake man flavored? Cupcake man with a staw in his head flavored? Or even — wait for it — rootbeer float man flavored? How in the world would you know that this is Puccho Energy Drink flavored by looking at the front of the package?

Candy Packaging No. 2


The overweight, blue, plastic man with spiky blue hair and goggles had just bought his favorite kind of candy. He popped one of the pieces of candy into his mouth. Then he idly turned the bag of candy over.

bluemanRight there, in the top right corner was a picture of an overweight, blue, plastic man with spiky hair and goggles!

“Yippee! I’m on a candy product!” exclaimed the man. “Now I’m famous!”

Candy Packaging No. 1


“Hey Fee!” said my Mom as we gazed at the bizarre Chinese candy packaging. “What flavor do you think this one is?”

I looked at it and saw a white fluffy ball that I assumed was cotton candy.

“Cotton candy?” I asked.

“Close but no cigar!” She handed the candy to me and I turned it over to look at the back. There was a list of all the ingredients, and at the top it said ‘Moriniga Hi-Chew Candy (Cotton Flavour)’

It did not taste like cotton candy. Malcolm said it had a hint of dolce de leche in it. But I thought it tasted kind of like, well, cotton.